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About us

Black Rabbit Sundries is the brain child of my love of face oils, adoration of crafting skin care items, and the fact that I am utterly and completely rabbit obsessed.

Hi there, my friends call me E, and you can too! I'm completely obsessed with plants, natural beauty, botanicals, gardening, and of course as you already know rabbits (animals in general, but bunnies are my favorite.) 

 I love coming up with new blends of stuff and I am really passionate about coming up with the best natural formulas at affordable prices. I also believe that cosmetics shouldn't be tested on animals, which is why I test all my formulas on myself and willing other humans. 

I look forward to to Black Rabbit Sundries growing and evolving with the needs of our family of awesome customers. 

My little buns:

Velveeta: Velveeta is a lady mini-rex I rescued from the humane society I used to work at. She is about 7-8 years old and loves stealing me food, cuddling up on my my bed, and exploring under the sofa. She is the explorer of the group and will always be the first to scout anything new, including other animals and new rooms.

Food: I feel like I have to clarify that Food's name is not because she is intended for that purpose. Her name was 'Zoala' when I adopted her from the humane society, and it just did not fit her personality. Some how her personality involves only 3 things. Food, the search of food, and the eating of food. So it stuck. She was initially from  a pet shop before being dropped off at the humane society, I wasn't planning on adopting another rabbit, however she was so malnourished and terrified, I felt bad, so Velveeta was gifted with a 8 week old roommate. Now that she is almost 3, Food, has developed much more personality, and at 14 lbs. she is the boss. She loves to nose-punch my ankles to move me around, solve puzzles, and of course, eat food.

Spooky Mulder: What can I say about my little spooky man except, he is full of kisses and cuddles. I adopted spooky earlier this year, I just fell in love with his tiny stature and his big personality, also I wanted to find a friend for Food who was the same age. Spooky loves to lick ankles, look at things that are above him and of course chewing on all of my notebooks.