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Sample Beard Balm


This little 1/2 oz. tin of awesome will keep those unruly hairs in check! Each sample comes in a screw top metal tin and a with small wooden paddle to make getting it out of the tin a little easier.

Each batch of this balm is hand made in small batches by yours truly.

Made with bees wax, deodorized cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, pumpkin seed oil and hazelnut oil. This balm shares the same essential oil blend as our beard oil, including rosemary, cypress, lavender, cedar, bergamot, tea tree and vetiver.


Please contact me if you want to try it but need the hazelnut oil replaced with grape seed oil.

On top of all hair nurturing, these can also be scented with any of several fragrance oils listed below.

Spring Dogwoods- Bright and spicy floral with notes of basil and ginger.

Jasmine Smoke- Warm and sultry scent with notes of jasmine, neroli and musk.

Mystic Wildwood- Amazing warm and comforting blend with vanilla, cedar, amber, sandalwood and just a hint of currant.

Exotic Jaunt- Exotic african botanicals mixed with cardamom and tonka bean.

Black Myrrh & Sage- Powdery and smoky black myrrh, musk, and amber mix with white sage and lavender in this mysterious blend.

Alpine Shadow- Alpine cedar and pine combine with lavender in this striking scent.

Lively Chai- Spicy sweet chai spices mix with orange and vanilla.

Veiled Woods- This warm blend incorporates notes of apple, fig, caramel, coffee, ginger and soft wood.

Pristine Mesa- This oriental scent combines notes of orange blossom, rock rose, vetiver, vanilla, amber, and tonka bean.

Early Black- Complex and alluring, this blend combines black tea with citrus, cedar wood, musk and stirs it all together with amber. Making this blend as intriguing as it is comforting.

Naked balm contains no essential oils.
Unscented balm contains essential oils but no artificial fragrance oils.
Various scents contain both essential oils AND artificial fragrance oils.